Our approach

Why choose Westland Greenhouse Projects as your Turnkey Greenhouse Partner?

Our specialists have over 4 decades of experiences in greenhouse design, constructions and installations, both domestically and abroad. We are experienced in both glass and poly houses for vegetables, flowers, pot plants and bedding plants.

Westland Greenhouse Projects offers its customers a greenhouse facility that is suitable for the local climate and meets the client’s expectations. How we accomplish this, is based on a triangle of knowledge in growing and technology, experience and implementation.

Our approach contains 4 unique steps:

1) Design

Design plays a crucial role in the success of each greenhouse project. With Westland Greenhouse Projects, the crop is ‘king’. This means that the whole concept and design is executed in the interest of the crop.

Westland Greenhouse Projects incorporates information on local climate conditions and circumstances, possible energy concept, cooling or heating requirements, availability and quality of water, the growing skills of the management and labourers, marketing opportunities for the crop etc.

Objectives during this process are:

  • Functionality and efficiency
  • Sustainability
  • Economics

Westland Greenhouse Projects underlines the importance of this phase of a project.

Accordingly, we have a team of engineers and designers who are looking for the most functional design to be able to grow the best quality product with the best possible yield in the given local circumstances.

2) Tender

Through our global network, we are able to pre-select the most appropriate builders and suppliers for your project. By organizing a competitive tendering, we are able to provide unbeatable prices from worldwide specialized builders and suppliers with proven international track record. The Design & Construct method of Westland Greenhouse Projects works with access to budgets, so the entire project is transparent to the customer.

3) Construct

Westland Greenhouse Projects is experienced in managing the whole process and is responsible for the complete construction period. Our goal is to build according to your requirements and to finish our work in time.

4) Training & Greenhouse Management

A good design, selecting the right suppliers and a well managed building period do not guarantee high quality products and yields as were envisaged. Training and education of employees, staff and management are essential. They have to learn how to deal with the new equipment, techniques and cultivation methods.