WIDESPAN – Model A – Frame Greenhouses

This type of greenhouse structure is popular worldwide. It finds it use in commercial greenhouses but also for special solutions like pot plant nurseries and research greenhouses and even for garden centers.


  • Very strong construction;
  • Continuous ridge vents for maximum natural ventilation;
  • Covered with 4 mm tempered glass, low iron glass, or diffuse glass;
  • Roof vents to be operated with individual motors;
  • Suitable for every crop, every climate;
  • Structure can be calculated to resist any snow load, wind load, earth quake;
  • Steel and Aluminium gutter possible;
  • Column heights up to 10 m possible;
  • Truss sizes available of 9.60 m, 12.80 m, 16.00 m and 19.20 m;
  • Truss distances of 3.20 m and 4.80 m;
  • Structure can be used as packing area as well by using 60mm insulated color steel cold storage ‘sandwich’ panels.